How to Make a Zipper Pouch for Beginners | Cut with a Cricut or by Hand!

How to Make a Zipper Pouch for Beginners | Cut with a Cricut or by Hand!

How to Paint Landscapes

Painting an outdoor landscape is one of the most peaceful, rewarding and relaxing things that you can do. It’s not often that you can exercise your creative side and relax, but painting is one of the few things that allows you to do this. When using watercolours, it’s often best to first use a pencil to sketch a brief outline of you subject area. I usually like to paint a nice view…

Cool Wall Graphic Designs For Clothing Line Stores

Being creative is synonymous to being unique. You can do your own designs wall graphic designs. Add some personal decorations that you have on your clothing boutique.

Commissioning a Portrait Artist – What to Look For

Ever consider having a portrait painted, but didn’t know how to go about it? Here’s what to consider, how to find the right artist, and how to commission the portrait of your dreams with confidence.

How to Create a Visually Appealing Website

If the visitor interprets the Web site as appealing, enough to warrant further investigation then, the mission has been accomplished. When a visitor comes to a site there are only a few seconds to make that first impression.

Learn to Draw Step by Step & Develop Your Personal Drawing Style

You will perhaps find that as you learn to draw gradually, you will mature your own drawing style in a natural way. Your individuality is unique, you watch things with a different eye to how others work and your hand muscles are dissimilar from others. So in a sense you might not be able to avoid developing your own style.

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