How To Make a Super Easy DIY Raised Planter Box

How To Make a Super Easy DIY Raised Planter Box

Discover the World of Enchanting and Irresistible Krishna & Radha Art

It’s no secret that Krishna & Radha art centers on the most recognized young couple of Hinduism. Matter of fact, Krishna & Radha designs will provide you with a clear depiction of love personified. Simply put, there is no other faith on earth who glorifies and exalts the theme of love that happens between a man and a woman as does Hinduism.

Learning 3D Illustration

3D Illustration is a 2d representation of a 3d object in the virtual world. The illustrators role is to convey in the best possible manner, the design of the structure, through a rendered perspective.

The First Materials You Need to Start Drawing

While your very first exercises required only a pencil and a piece of paper, the improvement of your skills will need a few more instruments. On the other hand, you mustn’t randomly choose paper and pencils. The first thing you need when considering to start drawing is paper. You can find it at your local art supply store. Once you get there, you have to start looking for a pad of sketching or drawing paper.

Eye and Hand Warm-Up

The exercises for warming yourself up resemble the penmanship learning exercises you did in school. Before you start drawing take an empty sheet of paper and try filling it with all kinds of marks like circles, ovals, ellipses, than combine them into chains of circles, or more marks of different sizes, shapes like bullets, eggs, spirals, concentric circles, or similar curving lines. Next you can try different types of lines like straight, curved, overlapping, parallel, crisscrossing or cross-hatching.

How to Prepare a Picture Plane For Drawing

To know how to prepare your picture plane for drawing, first you must know how does it work. First you need to have a clean piece of Plexiglas (8″ x 12″) and hold it in front of your eyes. Now look around through that Plexiglas. You can look around your room, at a table, look at it from different angles, look a doorway and what you see in the other room, you can even go and look down the street, everywhere.

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