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The Old Masters – Masterpieces of Art

Art comes in many forms. These forms vary from statues and clay figures to the heights of painting skill. Many people consider the period of time where the true masterworks of art began to be created as the period of the ‘Old Masters’.

Fascinating Examples of Digital Photo Manipulations in the Arts

Margi Geerlinks in her 1998 piece ‘Girl knitting baby’, works within the space of manipulated yet intricately detailed realistic photographic images. Her images are obviously digital photo manipulated, not through the level of abstraction, but through the unnatural morphing of objects.

Landscape Paintings – A Tale

Landscape Painting is a unique genre regarding painting which captures nature in its natural form. Post Constable and Turner, the introduction of landscape painting happened France. Landscape paintings have a number of categories.

Glass Repair and Glass Conservation Isn’t Just For Museums

Someone who is experienced in glass conservation will assess any damage and determine what can be done to preserve both the value and the beauty of a particular piece. They will then make recommendations, often prioritizing them, and review these with the owner before starting any repairs.

Some Drawing Fundamentals For People

There are some drawing fundamentals that must be learned to become more efficient in this work art. The lines and shapes are important in many lessons of this art form. People can make some variety in their drawings, such as gradation, texture, edge shapes, variety of shape, etc.

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