How to make a reusable screen print stencil - Screen printing with Cricut - Screen print with vinyl

How to make a reusable screen print stencil – Screen printing with Cricut – Screen print with vinyl

Why the Future Looks Bright For the Classic Contemporary Oil Painting

The art world is filled with many different mediums, but it seems that the one type of artwork that has perpetually captured our collective attention over the ages has been the classic contemporary oil painting. The reason why the word “classic” is in there right against contemporary is that contemporary themes tend to shift depending on what era is being discussed. However, it’s the oil painting themes that seem to constantly pull us in and keep us excited about the greater art world at large.

Petite People Petrified in Place – The Cause of the Powerful Attraction of Lladro Nao Exposed

What is it with Nao by Lladro handmade porcelain figurines that attracts people internationally? What makes them look and feel so natural? Almost as though they were tiny folk, frozen mid expression in radiant porcelain?

The Art of Printing

Printing services play a very important role in the day today live of both business and the local community. The function of commercial printers is to take art work and transfer it onto an appropriate medium such as paper, PVC, fabric or canvas to create a professional looking product.

Modeling In a Lighting Sense

When we speak of modeling in a lighting sense, we are talking about the visual definition of geometric form-visual modeling. Good visual modeling creates shadows on the objects in the necessary places to allow an object’s form to be understood, yet still provides enough general light for the object to be seen.

Controllable Qualities of Light

In theatre, the lighting instruments that light the stage actually rarely move, but they can indeed move quite a bit in virtual space. Besides the lights that light a scene but have an invisible source, movement also can refer to the movement of a visible light source; for example, a lantern being carried across the scene.

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