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Collecting Art Via Art Auctions

Have you ever admired a great piece of art and wanted to add it to your collection? The art auction is the very place you need to look. An art auction is a place of gathering to sell art work.

Edgar Degas

Degas was a brilliant and successful painter. However, his work was not limited to painting. Drawing, and especially sculpting, figured largely in his professional and artistic career. Degas was inspired heavily by the ballet.

Where Does Digital Photo Manipulation Stand in Relation to Popular Culture Arts Today?

The concept of Spinning Pop considers elements of Pop Art through an artistic and conceptual exploration of specific people and events of the day. The works are diaristic in nature that metaphorically record a spectator’s experience of the contemporary digital age.

Discover the Role Digital Photo Manipulation Has Played in the World of Politics and Art

One of the great advantages to photographers of digital photo manipulations, is the control over the work as subtle changes occur on the screen instantaneously. The availability of this technology to a photo-montagist such as John Heartfield during the 1930’s would have had a profound impact when he painstakingly cut photographs and re-glued them into new configurations.

Auguste Rodin

Auguste Rodin was a successful and prolific sculptor. While many of his pieces came under fire at various times for being either too perfect or not having a specific subject matter, he still was successful enough to have his own museum. At the Musée Rodin in Paris, Rodin was able to show off many of his sculptures, in addition to art that he had collected from his friends. Artists like Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir, and Courbet graced the walls of the palatial, estate-like building. But some of his sculptures were never finished, and not suitable for exhibition.

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