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Should You Go for Cheap Canvas Prints?

When it comes to having our photos printed, it is natural that we would want the best quality work available. However, if we are on a shoestring budget we may have to look for cheap canvas prints. There are a number of things that may come to mind when we go for cheaply priced services.

Considerations in Design Fiction

Design fiction makes use of fictional scenarios for the purpose of visualizing and explaining probable futures of the design. Primarily, it is an approach that makes speculations regarding new ideas via storytelling and prototyping. Let’s find out more about the considerations in design fiction.

How to Build a Base Template File With Guidelines for a Future Club Flyer Printing Design Project

When placing an order for any sort of printing product (club flyers for example), make sure you get your design done right the first time. Here we will show you step by step, how to create from scratch a guideline template file in Photoshop.

Logo Design and Its Relevance

A well designed logo can help a business get more customers whereas a poorly designed logo will drive away potential customers. This is because when it has to do with printing of business cards, brochures, flyers and other hard copy marketing materials, the logo will be on them.

4 Principles of Designing the Perfect Logo

Unfortunately, many people underestimate the concept of designing a logo. When they watch an icon, they fail to admire the work that has gone behind it. But contrary to such perception, creating a good illustration is a tall ordeal because scarcely do people connect with a badly created design. Anyone can create an illustration but icons aren’t just an illustration; it’s a graphical representation of a business or entity.

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