How to make a layered HTV design for felt - Mickey mouse ear DIY No sew design

How to make a layered HTV design for felt – Mickey mouse ear DIY No sew design

Far East Painting – Tang Dynasty – A Golden Age of Chinese Painting

Tang Dynasty (618-907) is considered one of the most significant imperial dynasties of China, second only to Han (206 BCE-220 CE). During the Tang Period, regarded by historians as the Golden Age of Chinese history, Chinese civilization reached a high point in the terms of progress and stability.

Far East Painting – Chinese Painting – An Ancient Phenomenon

The roots of Chinese Painting date back to the Neolithic Period, about 6,000 years ago, making it one of the most ancient artistries in the world. Despite the assumption about this Far East Painting style carrying the influence of many other cultures, there still are many elements, constant and unique to it.

Western Painting – Tonalism – The Art of Subdued Expressions

Tonalism, a Western Painting style, was witnessed among American artists during 1880-1915. Emphasizing completely on the effects of shadow and light over details and colors, this art form usually includes Landscape Paintings in low-toned shades. While early Tonalist works have been found to be dark and moody, with an extremely soft focus and understated hues, the style has evolved with time to make use of warmer colors.

Use Illustrations to Paint a Picture For Your Youngster

Do you realise just how important illustrations are? Many individuals out there have a tendency to look over this important world simply because they do not realise just how important it is. Tell us something, without illustrations, where would we be today? There more than likely would not be anything to read. There would be no books, magazines or news articles. As we write this article for you, we would like to give you an idea as to what the meaning behind this word really is, so pay attention to what we are about to tell you in the paragraphs below…

Basic Illustration Tips For Advertisers

The good thing about having illustration skills is you can use it in almost all fields. One of these is advertising. Visuals play a huge role in capturing the attention of the target audience as well as sending a particular message across.

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