How to Make a Glitter Iron On Shirt - Beginner Friendly Tutorial with Weeding Tricks!

How to Make a Glitter Iron On Shirt – Beginner Friendly Tutorial with Weeding Tricks!

Creating a High School Senior Portrait

Last year of high school education surely calls for one thing – The Yearbook photograph. Most of the schools can be found stressing on the activity of creating high school senior portraits nowadays. Nevertheless, you can always manage to do it in an inexpensive way.

How to Draw a Goose

Geese belong to the Anserinae Subfamily of the larger Anatidae Family. However, the classification is not straightforward. Various subspecies of shelducks, from the Tadorninae Subfamily, are also often termed as geese. In addition, the Anserinae variety too is known as the true goose. So far, there are three confirmed subspecies of true geese. These are aquatic birds with webbed feet to help them float in water. In terms of appearance, geese closely resemble ducks, except that they have longer necks and thinner beaks.

How to Draw a Duck

Ducks are birds belonging to the Anatidae Family. They are aquatic beings smaller than geese or swan, inhabiting both, fresh and saline water. Their body is characteristically broad and elongated, with the neck being relatively long. Their flight is generally vigorous and requires strong, short, and pointed wings. The bill of the duck is serrated and well defined for fishing. Ducks gain their nutrients from a wide variety of food sources, like insects, fish, aquatic plants, and worms. These birds are found globally, especially New Zealand, Hawaii, & many tropical islands.

How to Draw a Porsche

Porsche, founded in 1931 by Ferdinand Porsche, are the manufacturers of world’s high performance luxury automobiles ranging from cars, tractors, and electric vehicles to even aircraft engines. It is a well-known brand in motorsport and is currently the world’s largest racecar manufacturers. Porsche is a German automotive company with its headquarters in Zuffenhausen and has close relations with the Volkswagen Group. The first Volkswagen Beetle was designed by Ferdianand Porsche himself, which became the most successful car design of all time.

How to Draw a Baby Stroller

Baby strollers, also called a buggy, are baby carriers for babies generally up to the age of 3 yrs. Adults handle these carriages for an easy transportation of children. The history of using a baby carrier dates back to the year 1889, when William Richardson patented his idea of first reversible stroller. Today, many innovative and stylish baby strollers are available in different sizes and models, which are both functionally as well as aesthetically pleasing.

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