How to make a full cup wrap with Cricut Design Space - No warping - Easy full tumbler wrap

How to make a full cup wrap with Cricut Design Space – No warping – Easy full tumbler wrap

Steps on Drawing a Rose

Drawing a rose can be a good hobby for someone who likes collecting it or admiring it. You can start the drawing by making a straight line which will become the stem or the stalk.

What is a Mosaic?

Mosaic is a form of artistic expression that manifests itself through many mediums and techniques. But what is the common factor that allows it to achieve its impact on the human mind?

Sculptures by the Sea Review – Arhus 2009

Sculptures by the Sea is an Australian project that came to Arhus in 2009, presented by the AROS museum in conjunction with lots of sponsors. The exhibit extended along the southern coastline of Arhus, creating an interesting mixture of art and nature. This is my review of Sculptures by the Sea.

To Be Or Not to Be? The Canadian Art Industry

The Canadian art industry can barely be called dominant in terms of its contribution to the GDP. This historically has been the case not only in Canada but in most developed countries. Art is not a necessity and gets moved down the family budget lists with the slightest signs of economic trouble. Of an estimated 161,000 incorporated nonprofit organizations in Canada, 13,770 are involved in the arts and culture, representing 8.5% of the total.

A New Years Resolution You’ll Actually Enjoy

Many people around the world make new years resolutions but how many actually keep them? A very small percentage I’m sure; I won’t bore you with a bunch of statistics but if you speak with your friends & family who make resolutions, you are apt to see exactly how many keep their resolutions and how many break them within a matter of weeks or months.

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