How to make a custom cake topper with cricut - Shaker style topper - cut craft foam

How to make a custom cake topper with cricut – Shaker style topper – cut craft foam

Animated Materials in the 3D World

Fortunately for artists and animators, the realm of fiction is easy to create on the computer. Maybe that’s why there have been so many movies about space produced with computer animation software. In your 3D application, you can plug just about any map into any Map channel and, just by animating it, create some wild effects.

Using Splat and Smoke Maps in 3D Materials

Splat gives great results when animated, but you might not use it in the traditional “splat manner”-meaning you probably will not want to use it to simulate paint splattering against the side of a wall. With Splat, there are a few functions that you will want to try to animate: Animate the Offset. Rather than just moving the splat effect around the surface of an object, the Splat map actually “morphs” as it moves, just like Planet.

Why a Garden Room Presents the Perfect Workspace For Creative People

I am enthralled at the creative genius that spills out of garden sheds. Artistry, in particular. It seems that the blank mundane canvas of the common timber structure allows imaginative and intense focus on painterly expression.

Commission a Photo on Canvas Portrait of President Obama For Your Classroom

Most US government buildings and public schools display a portrait of the current president as a sign of respect and citizenship awareness. Often there are also portraits of past presidents, especially George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Such portraits are as common a sight as the American flag or the school’s team colors and are often taken for granted. Maybe it’s time to update the custom by hanging a photo on canvas portrait.

Wanted – Pencil Portrait Artist Online

Want a special pencil portrait but don’t know how to find an artist? Look no farther. Find out what to look for and where to search for the perfect artist at a price that’s right for you.

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