How to Make 3D Letters from Paper + Storage for Gifts & Decorations!

How to Make 3D Letters from Paper + Storage for Gifts & Decorations!

Gimp Tutorials – Learn Gimp With Video Lessons

There is no better way to learn Gimp that by using video lessons. These Gimp tutorials are unbeatable because you can see exactly what is being done to achieve a certain result, then play it back and do the same yourself.

Printing Terms & Glossary

Printing is a major part of most businesses. There are many things that need to be printed like business cards, letter heads, business papers etc. You also have flier printing for promotion and brochure printing that is a big part of corporate communications. Its good have some basic knowledge about digital printing and other printing techniques. Let’s take you through some of the terms.

Are We Witnessing the Death of Graphic Design?

Does the huge popularity of the Internet and digital media spell the end for traditional graphic design as we know it? This article discusses some of the key points relating to the popularity of digital design compared to conventional graphic design in today’s world.

Little Known Artist – Auguste Rodin

It seems to be the curse of sculptor’s that their names are never going to be recognized by the community at large, and tend to only be recognizable by those who have actually made a specific effort to study art. However, Auguste Rodin proves to be the exception to this rule, as the interest in Auguste Rodin trivia shows that there is a larger community at play who has recognized his artistic contributions to the world beyond those who have studied art directly.

Making a Basic Gourd Drum

Gourds have been utilized as musical instruments by many cultures over the ages. Here are some easy instructions for making your own simple gourd drums. Children also enjoy making and playing these and with a bit of adult help their projects turn out great. Decorate the gourd shell or leave it plain, use your own creativity and have fun!

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