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An Introduction to Oil Painting

Oil painting is, as the name would suggest, the process of painting using oil. In fact this is slightly more complicated and you are in reality painting uses ‘pigments’ (colours that are bound together by drying oil (the exact nature of the oil may vary, in Europe during the Renaissance period ‘linseed’ oil was very popular).

The Inevitable Autosexuality and Total Absence of Autosexuality of Hans Bellmer and Bellmer’s Dolls

Hans Bellmer was one of the greatest Surrealist artists who has ever lived. His work has inspired other artists from every imaginable field: Film-makers, photographers, musicians, and writers. Even politicians took notice of his art.

Custom Pet Portraits for Loved Ones

Not everyone on this earth has enough patience, endurance and time to capture photographs of their kids and pets of every innocent move. This is because pets and kids themselves are restless living beings. They are blessed with restless minds of their own which makes it extremely tricky to have a perfect shot.

How to Tap Into Your Artistic Talent to Make Money Online As a Business

Talent is the key element for making money through the internet and one of such talent is the ability to draw. People who possess the talent of drawing are now able to make money on the internet devoid of paying out a single dime. It does not require you to be trained all you have to possess is the talent of drawing nice pictures either by your hand or with digital software.

Indian Art – India – My Inspiration

I was born in the enchanting land of Assam, (the eastern most part of India) which boasts some of the most beautiful landscapes of my Motherland. My love of art probably started when I was born, when my senses took over. I feel that I inherited this passion from my beloved late father who painted for pleasure.

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