How to Layer Vinyl on a Shirt - Beginner Friendly!

How to Layer Vinyl on a Shirt – Beginner Friendly!

Western Painting – Photorealism – Realism Attained the Photographic Way

Photorealism — The Concept Photorealism, also known as Hyperrealism, Sharp Focus, or New Realism, is a form of Modern Western Painting. It is a step closer to reality than the Realist painting style. It originated in 1970s and remains popular in the present Western Art scene as well. Louis K. Meisel first proposed the term ‘Photorealism’ in 1968. As the name suggests, the base for this type of work is a photographic image.

Santiago Calatrava, Artist

Most of us would have difficulty even attempting most art forms, let alone becoming a master. Santiago Calatrava possesses that uncanny ability to not only have tackled several disciplines, but to have become a master in the truest sense of the word. Read on to find out more about this amazing fellow.

Learn These Crucial Pencil Tricks

There are different ways to hold a pencil for drawing. There is not one perfect way, but several options, depending on what you are trying to draw.

BCE Place, Toronto – Designed by Santiago Calatrava

The spectacular roof structure at BCE Place in Toronto was conceived by Santiago Calatrava back in 1986. Utilizing information he had developed earlier, he produced a series of arches which manage to keep Torontonians dry in the often inclement weather. Light filled spaces are one of Santiago Calatrava’s strong points, and he delivered in spades on this occasion.

Varnishing an Oil Painting

This article will explain how to varnish an oil painting using Winsor Newton Damar varnish. Before we start… Never apply final varnish to an oil painting unless it has thoroughly dried.

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