How to Layer Vinyl Decals on Cricut the EASY WAY!

How to Layer Vinyl Decals on Cricut the EASY WAY!

Far-Eastern Art – Cynical Realism – An Exponent of Contemporary Chinese Artistry

Cynical Realism – The History & Concept The Republic of China saw a major upheaval and a contemporary movement in Chinese Artistry in the beginning of 1990. Since, the Cultural Revolution in China, there existed a beaten path and line for artists. This movement broke away all the shackles of the collective conservative mindset and concentrated on new themes. The artists took a pot shot on socio-political issues and events from the beginning of revolutionary China until date.

Western Art – Video Installation Art – Installation Goes the Technical Way!

The birth of Video Installation Art, a combination of video technology and Installation Art, dates back to 1970s, the era of Video Art (1970s), which relied on motion pictures. Video Art, a tangent of Contemporary Art, comprises of video and/or audio data. Video Art is named after the video tape, as it was commonly used then. Now however, CD-ROMs, Hard Disks, and DVDs have replaced the video tapes. Korean-American artist Nam June Paik (1932-2006) was the pioneer of Video Installation Art. He used various television monitors in arranging sculptures, and went on to work with video walls & projectors, to create large imperial environment.

The Way to Customise Your Photo on Canvas

Canvas photo and painting printing is such a nice innovation that can satisfy not only every customer but professional photographers and artists as well. This kind of printing gives many opportunities to create something different.

Cassatt Paintings

Mary Cassatt was a famous American female Impressionist artist. She was a rare example of successful American and female involvement in French art of this time, lasting from the era of the late 19th century to early 20th century.

Painting With Pastels

If you have decided to let your creative flair go into the world of art then, regardless of whether you choose painting with pastels, oils or acrylics there are certain things you will need to know. Composition, tone and shading are three basics that you will want to understand no matter what the medium is. The beauty of pastels is that they are quick and convenient and can be used both indoors and outside without too much bother.

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