How to layer HTV and foil - How to use foil - Starcraft Electra foil - Cricut layer Iron on

How to layer HTV and foil – How to use foil – Starcraft Electra foil – Cricut layer Iron on

Photo Canvas Printing: The Best Way to Impress Your Loved One

If something is running in your mind related to personalized gifts then you would really be surprised to know the development that is taking place in canvas prints. They have now taken an artistic form.

The History of Portraits

A portrait is a picture, photograph, painting, drawing, or sculpture of a person that focuses on the face. When we think of a portrait, we think of a flattering image of a person dressed in their best clothes and looking absolutely fabulous. Read this article for some interesting background!

Stained Glass: Some Essential Terms

For those who are new to stained glass, it can seem as though this remarkable art form has a language all its own. Whether people want to start producing stained glass pictures on their own or are interested in finding beautiful stained glass images for a home or church, it is a good idea to be familiar with some of the more common stained glass terms. Some important stained glass terms are presented in this article.

Bali Wood Carving – Great Form of Art

Bali wood carving art is one on the best forms of art that is known from centuries. Beautiful figures, decorative sculptures and other are part of Bali wood carving.

Attending Your First Comic Con As an Artist

You’ve worked so hard to hone your artistic skills and become the best that you can be. Your portfolio is ready and you are on your way to show your wares to perspective employers. This article explains what to expect when you arrive and how to promote yourself. This is a big step for artists and I hope to take some of the edge off.

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