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Different Arts for Different People

Have you ever wondered as to why one art form finds popularity with a certain segment of people, but may be totally unpopular for another set? Have you thought why the same art form, has both followers and critics in abundance? Take for instance the case of pop-art itself. While this contemporary art form has a huge following and is fast being accepted by many, one does not cease to wonder at why the large criticism also exists. There are in fact many people, who will say that pop art is not art at all, and merely a low class replica.

British Art

The art of the UK refers to all kinds of visual art in or associated with the UK since its creation in 1707. Britain became part of western art tradition and history, during the 18th century and once again started to take the most prominent place in European art and exhibitions during the middle ages, being especially powerful in landscape art and portraiture. Rising UK prosperity led to a highly increased production of both decorative arts and fine arts.

Do It Yourself: Fabric Flag Banner Tutorial

How to make your own fabric flag banner. This tutorial will help you create a banner quickly. Perfect for birthday parties, kids bedroom decorations, holiday decorations, or just for fun!

The Print Oeuvre of Albrecht Durer and His Role in Art History

Albrecht Durer once said, “I hold that perfection of form and beauty is contained in the sum of all man.” For over five hundred years, historians and collectors alike have held the opinion that this perfection and beauty is contained in the sum of his body of work. Born nineteen years after Leonardo da Vinci and a mere four years before Michelangelo, Albrecht Durer was revered by those of the Italian Renaissance, such as Giovanni Bellini and Andreas Montegna.

Crop a Pic With Professional Help Only

Is there a difference between resized and cropped pictures? Yes, unless the eye is uninitiated and cannot make it out! It may sound simple, but when an experienced person does the job, it shows.

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