How to Etch Metal at Home: DIY Stainless Steel Tumbler with a Cricut Stencil!

How to Etch Metal at Home: DIY Stainless Steel Tumbler with a Cricut Stencil!

All About Fiber Reactive Dyes in T-Shirt Screen Printing

Color in t-shirt screen printing is very important, especially when you are working with uncommon materials, such as organic fibers and water-based inks. These will have to be placed in consideration when planning the design for the t-shirt printing. The fabric’s color is very important because it will affect how the design will look.

Some Materials You Need For Pastel Painting

Going to an art supply store and stocking up on materials is one of the guilty pleasures of being an artist, even for the hobbyist. All those paints, pastels, pencils, brushes, easels, sketchpads, sheets of paper, blank canvasses, and interesting tools can provoke a buying frenzy in even the most restrained and frugal person. But what are the essential materials you need for pastel painting as opposed to the things it would be nice to have?

How to Draw Cartoon Santa

We all love Santa Clause with his Christmas presents and gifts, yet when it comes to drawing cartoon Santa not everyone is so much in for the excitement. The main difficulty most people experience in trying to create Santa cartoons is that they don’t know where to start or what kind of costume details to pay attention to.

Far Eastern Painting – Wu School of Painting – A Unique Blend of Chinese Creativity

Wu School – The History Wu School is the name given to a group of painters from the Southern School of the Chinese Ming Period (1368-1644). The Wu School of painting got its name from the Wu Kingdom located in the Suzhou region of Jiangsu province. The Suzhou region was popular for its gardens, cultural life, and scholars.

Far Eastern Painting – Contemporary Chinese – The Modern Age Creative Fundamentals

Contemporary Chinese Painting – The History China has a lot to boast about when it comes to art and culture. The traditional Chinese paintings offer a clear picture of the periods they belong to. Great philosophers, religious figures, teachers, and political leaders have always inspired Chinese artists. However, with modern technology securing its place even in the genre of Chinese Art, there is a lot that stands altered about Contemporary Chinese Art, also called Chinese Avant-Garde Art. The relatively newer forms of Chinese Art, dating back to 1980s, are largely influenced by the ‘New Culture Movement,’ which not only adopted Western techniques, but also employed Socialist Realism.

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