How to Engrave Acrylic Ornaments on a Cricut Maker

How to Engrave Acrylic Ornaments on a Cricut Maker

Use of Graphics and Backgrounds in Contemporary Worship

So how are worship leaders making effective use of these graphic devotional tools? Never ever suppose that simply because a background picture with words seems cool around the laptop display screen, it will seem cool projected onto a display.

Best Freelance Graphic Design Tutorials

Whether it is a colorful brochure, a newspaper that comes to house every morning, or a dentist’s website, graphics designing is the need of the hour. The scope for graphic designers has widened drastically over the last few years, and a large number of youths are now planning to pursue graphic designing as a full time profession. Demand for freelance graphic jobs has also increased manifold. To become a successful graphics designer, practicing graphic design tutorials is important.

How to Sketch the Human Body

There are several techniques for sketching the human body. One of them is “blocking in” and another is simplifying the body into common shapes like balls, blocks and cones. Here is how to use both techniques to render the human form.

Drawing Basics – How to Draw Hands

Hands can be almost as expressive as faces once you know how to draw them well. Despite their complexity, hands are not too hard to draw, but they do not break down into the simple shapes of balls and blocks that way so many other subjects do. Here’s how to get around that problem.

Why Do I Paint?

I have asked myself this question many times. For many years I made my living by providing accounting services for various companies. About five years ago I felt it was time for me to change my career, to something that perhaps suited my personality more, and so I decided to finally pursue my lifetime dream of being a full time artist. I probably earn less money now, as an artist, and the income is not always reliable, yet my work definitely is more fulfilling…

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