How to Design Your Own Insert Card Christmas in July

How to Design Your Own Insert Card Christmas in July

The Advantages of Buying Limited Edition Art

Are there any advantages to buying a Limited Edition Art Print? How can you be sure it is authentic and high-quality and is it likely to increase in value or, at least, hold its value over time?

The Lost Decade of Alternative Film and Video – 2000-2010

What has happened to the alternative film and video works of the last decade? This lost documented period of 2000-2010 will perhaps be the first in cinema history regarding alternative works.

Anyone Can Learn to Sketch – It’s All in Your Head

When you learn to sketch, the mental aspects and imagery of drawing are the biggest keys to accomplishing your goal. You can’t and you shouldn’t put every detail into a drawing. The success of your drawing is directly related to your ability to “see” the finished product in your mind.

The Mannequin and the Art World

When we think of mannequins, we usually envisage lines of them in shop windows, artfully arranged to display the latest fashions being offered by a particular designer or clothing line. The mannequin however, especially the female mannequin, has long been a feature of the art world as well.

Digital Canvas Prints

Are you looking for digital canvas prints that can be done on custom canvas? You can also decide which style you prefer.

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