How to cut felt with your Cricut - Felt eyes for Crochet, knitting, amigurumi animals safety eyes

How to cut felt with your Cricut – Felt eyes for Crochet, knitting, amigurumi animals safety eyes

Batik In Easy Steps

There are a great many types of arts and craft projects to attempt. Here you can learn to make wonderful batik items in a few easy steps. This is a single color piece for the novice at batik.

Budget Litho Printing

Those that are looking for Budget Litho Printing, can rest happy now, as the Internet age has gotten a lot better. There are many people that are no longer stressing about their printing needs, because it is now coming through with fast turnaround, and even delivery service at a fraction of the cost of other options in regards to printing. Litho Printing doesn’t need to be complicated, so go for the gold, and make sure you are moving forward, and not necessarily moving backwards. Make sure you are getting the best litho printing done for your business.

Learn How to Draw Cartoons Digitally – What to Know and Use to Draw Cartoons Digitally

Now there were giveaways into the 21st century, more and more artists are using computers to create more sophisticated drawings. This is the case no more than in the cartoon industry. The reasoning for this is that it’s much easier to use computer to gain just as desirable a result rather than drawing freehand like in the past. You can also output a great deal more drawings this way in a smaller period of time. With the demands being what they are these days in the animation world this is a necessity. It’s also a bit easier to create more impressive illustrations this way using a computer and the right software.

Female Renaissance Artists

Throughout the Renaissance and early Baroque period the names of Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael are synonymous but there were some thirty women artists of this period who still remain relatively unknown. All produced works of great interest and skill and ultimately broke down barriers allowing for others to practice art.

Poster Print Collection

Creating posters as part of your personal collection of images of your family members and friends is a great way to preserve memories instead of being contented with 3 x 5-inch or 5 x 8-inch prints stuck in your personal album. If you do not have the printer with that capability, you may start looking at an outside poster print shop.

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