How to Cut Designs from Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets

Ideas For Modern Wall Art

Wall art has always remained a special branch in the art industry which has always been a blessing to most homes. People now make use of all kinds of wall hangings in decorating not only their house walls, but also their kitchens, bedrooms, toilets and bathrooms.

New Killer Features in Illustrator CS5

The new Illustrator CS5 has been released with new features to speed up your work. Draw 3D buildings with perspective grids, paint vectors with natural media brushes and so much more possibilities in Illustrator CS5. So let’s take a look at what the new version has to offer.

Fine Art Photography Printed Onto Canvas

It’s wonderful to have such a great choice when it comes to choosing fine art canvases. Photography giclee prints are an exciting alternative to acrylic or oil canvas prints and are becoming popular because of their high quality appearance.

Creating Modern Art Paintings in Minutes

Make your own modern art with computer software. An example using Photoshop is given.

Stained Glass Artists: Four Names Every Stained Glass Artisan or Enthusiast Should Know

Almost any stained glass gallery is likely to contain one or more works inspired by the stained glass artists described in this article. These stained glass artists not only had their own signature style, but also changed the world of stained glass art in some significant way. This article describes five stained glass artists who had a lasting influence on the highly specialized art form known as stained glass.

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