How to cut and weed small designs and fonts - Reverse weed - Cricut - washi sheet

How to cut and weed small designs and fonts – Reverse weed – Cricut – washi sheet

What Are Illustrated Maps?

The Maps have been part of human history since a long time. Some of early nautical maps like the maps followed by Vasco da Gama and Columbus can be considered equally important as the declaration of independence for many fans of nautical history.

The Shocking Art of Robert Williams

At first glance, the violent and sarcastic universe created by one of the great poineers of independent Art and American Art in general, Robert Williams, may shock, titillate or disgust the beholder but when studied closer one will discover the profound meaning. Youth Williams, born in Albuquerque, New Mexico on March 2, 1943, grew up in a rather capricious environment because his father and mother married four times, and therefore he was bounced repeatedly between his father who lived in Montgomery, Alabama and his mother’s home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Therefore his only true companion was art,…

Photos On Canvas Make Great Anniversary Gifts

Is your wedding anniversary coming nearby? Are you planning to give your better half something that she likes the most? If you have answered yes then photo onto canvas would make a great gift.

The History and Culture of Abstract Art

If you really take the time to research it, you will find out that Abstract Art actually originated with primitive man. His etchings and marks on pottery, cave walls, and rocks were simple geometric and linear patterns that represented something to him. Whether it was telling a story, held a meaning or was meant for design, it was just simple markings. Abstract Art is used widely today, not just in paintings, pictures, drawings and sculptures, but in home decor, jewelry, fashion and architecture. Many new buildings are a based on a combination of geometrical and linear patterns. They don’t build in the basic cube or square design anymore

How Much Do You Know About Modernism Art?

Modernism in art takes on a very broad area, but in general modernism is considered to deal with the implications of industrialization on mankind’s soul. If we think of the advances of the 19th century, railroads and the telegraph, the recording of sound and the transmittal of sound through the telephone, this era spills over into the 20th century with the advances in flight and even flight away from our home planet to other orbs in space. How could this be compared to the struggle for mere existence that folks endured from time immemorial up until 1969, when man walked upon our moon? Art, ever reflective of real life, mimics the stresses and strains, joys and still moments of the artist’s own life, in whatever era he lives in, so it comes as no surprise that modernism in the 21st century displays the world of the mostly-urban, mostly-civilized man. Rural scenes still exist, of course, but they are portrayed in vastly different styles than in previous ages.

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