How to cut and assemble a 3D mandala - Cut intricate designs Cricut

How to cut and assemble a 3D mandala – Cut intricate designs Cricut

A Comparison Between Renaissance and Classical Art

Many people often get the Classical and Renaissance art styles mixed up. While these two methods have many similarities, there are also a number of distinct differences that characterizes pieces from each era.

How to Organize Your Current Art for Art Licensing

Art Licensing involves thinking about art a little differently than other industries. Artists used to creating art for galleries, or commissions, for example, will need to shift their mindset for licensing. Learn how to take what you have and create collections, or groups of art, for licensing.

Modernism – Defying the Norm

Modern ideas about what art is, began in the 20th century. Before that, usually paintings were commissioned by someone and were created to represent a story or an event. Of course, not all those stories or events had to be true, but they usually represented a human doing something that seemed natural and possible. Modernism is a great way for artists to shake things up and be able to express themselves. As access to art supplies became easier and less expensive, more people began to explore this wonderful world.

How to Choose the Right Sketchbook?

Sketching is a lot of fun for many reasons. First of all, it allows a person to become familiar and comfortable with the pencil medium. Second, finding a sketchbook is easy. An artist might even have more than one. Third, those that aren’t very experienced with paints yet can use a small sketchbook to study simple objects wherever they go.

The Northern Lights on a Canvas

The northern lights are a unique phenomenon. They have inspired painters from Canada and Alaska throughout human history. Painting the Northern Lights is considered a genre of its own. The Aurora Borealis is liked by both traditional artists and those that tend to prefer Modernism. People that enjoy long vacations can sign up for an art class and learn how to paint the Aurora first hand.

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