How to cut and apply holographic HTV - Mystery Box - Popsicle holder - Customize

How to cut and apply holographic HTV – Mystery Box – Popsicle holder – Customize

What Eyes See

The obvious has become very boring. Obviously…Few artists truly attempt to search for a new interpretation of the visual world. Of the ones who will search, only a few will discover.

House Portraits To Own And Treasure

If you feel immensely proud of the home you live in and want to show off your property to all and sundry you should consider the option of commissioning a portrait or painting of the building for posterity. House portraits were once the big rage and again are finding favor with homeowners from a variety of backgrounds. You should not think that you need to live in a stately home to consider having a portrait of the building made; even those of us in relatively small properties can commission an artist to put down on canvas an image of the building that would last for decades if not longer.

Ben Glenn the Chalk Guy

Ben, the 6 foot 4 inch self dubbed “Sasquatch” opened his show with a bang. He turned up some great music and the house lights went down. He walked up to a huge black canvas, put on an industrial mask, grabbed some very brightly colored chalk and went to town.

Custom Framing Your Art – Things You Should Know

If you have purchased an original or limited edition piece of artwork you need to have it framed properly so that it extends the life of the art instead of shortening it. Art is an investment and framing is as well, so being knowledgeable about the methods is your assurance that it’s being done correctly.

Tips for Buying Art at an Auction

Anyone who’s ever visited a gallery knows how expensive it can be to purchase original art. Fortunately, there is a more economical alternative for fine art lovers who are on a budget.

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