Tips For Designing Various Forms of Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are relatively small cards nicely designed with carefully written and decorative letters sometimes with an appropriate illustration. They are used to send kind regards to our loved ones. They are also used to express our affection and sympathy to work mates, friends, and relatives. Moreover, they are used to send best wishes, comforting news, congratulatory messages to people that we cherish. Others are used to invite people to occasions and programs. They are very necessary when friends, relatives, and workmates receive promotions, appointments, enstoolment/ enskinment, graduation, ordination, elections etc.

Types, Characteristics and Uses of Paper

There are several kinds of paper which are used in executing various activities such as drawing, tracing, printing, calligraphy etc. Papers are available in an extensive range of sizes, thicknesses, and finishes, as well as in differing degrees of quality, permanence, and durability. A particular type of paper can often be used for another purpose. Print papers, for example, can be used with acrylics, and many graphics papers are ideal for drawing. Keep in mind, however, that certain papers have poor aging characteristics and should not be used for permanent fine artwork.

Designing and Making Paper Items

There are several ways of decorating paper. Most of the techniques were born out of experimentation of the artist with the colours and other materials found in the environment. This implies that aside from those methods that will be detailed, every artist must endeavour to create new ways of designing paper items.

Origami: The Japanese Renowned Form of Paper Craft

Papercraft is the craft of transforming a single piece of paper into an aesthetically pleasing, three-dimensional piece. This creation of several forms and shapes with a paper by folding, opening, and bending of a flat sheet of paper is a Japanese art form called Origami. The term ‘Origami’ means ‘folded paper’.

The Social, Cultural and Religious Roles of a Graphic Designer in Society

Graphic designers play several vibrant roles that ensure the development, survival and sustenance of the society. It is of no exaggeration to say that the products and services provided by Graphic designers ensure the smooth running of activities carried out in the society. Graphic designers educate, warn, inform, notify, entertain, etc. The Graphic artists play significant social, cultural and religious roles in the society.

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