How to Create Sublimation Designs for Beginners

How to Create Sublimation Designs for Beginners

How to Draw Chris Redfield

Chris Redfield is the animated protagonist from the famous Resident Evil video games series. Although he is a fictional character, his popularity makes him a star in his own right.

How to Draw a Canary

Among the most popular pet birds, canary ranks very high. It is known for its beautiful silvery twittering song and is quite friendly to human beings.

Portrait Painting – A Traditional Art of the Modern Era

You may be asking about the facts of portrait painting. Actually, it is a kind of art or rather a painting that features the images particularly the picture of a human either taken individually or in groups.

Contemporary Impressionist Art – The Basics of How to Paint Like the Masters

Have you wondered how the great impressionist painters achieved such emotion and atmosphere in what can sometimes look to be a very simple painting? This article outlines the basic concept from mapping the idea to allowing your inner impressionism to flow from your finger tips. Whether you plan to us oil or acrylic paints on paper or canvas, this article will help you get started as a contemporary artist in the modern impressionist genre.

How to Design a Lapel Pin

Designing a lapel pin for your own needs and uses can be a very exciting project. Many people have a general idea of what they want their lapel pin for (fundraiser, social gathering, business meeting, conference or trade show) but they’re not exactly sure what they want the lapel pins to look like, or how to begin designing one for that matter.

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