How to Burn Designs Into Wood using your Cricut!

How to Burn Designs Into Wood using your Cricut!

Western Art – Ascii Art – Characters and Art, a Unique Blend

Created by the American National Standards Institute, ASCII Art refers to the use of character codes to create art forms. ASCII is an acronym for “American Standard Code for Information Interchange.” This universally acceptable character coding that is alphabet based. It is used to enable information exchange between computers. In general, the term ASCII Art is used to talk about text-based art. This style of art was created basically, because printers in early days did not have the ability to print graphics.

Western Painting – Nouveau Realisme – A Breakthrough For the Post-War French Society

Hooped mutually in 1960 with the signing of a never-before manifesto, promising French avant-garde artists dreamed to conceptually face-lift the existing artistic forms. As a medium, they selected abstraction, betraying the preconception of art, popular during the period. In an effort to confront reality, Nouveaux Realists focused on the human body and day-to-day commodities, displaying them into conglomerations, producing action-spectacles and confusing intricacies, and even destructing them.

Near-Eastern Painting – Mysore Painting – Uncovering the Traditional South Indian Art Form

Mysore Painting – The Concept & History Glancing through the pages of traditional Indian Art forms, one can never miss the ancient, yet the most distinctive art form – Mysore Paintings. Considered as one of the non-exhaustive resources in the art world, Mysore Painting belongs to the Mysore city of the Karnataka state of South India. It developed under the patronage of Wodeyars (1399-1947), especially Raja Wodeyar (1578-1617), in the 17th and 18th century. Where once the art genre reached the zenith of glory in the times of Maharaja of Mysore, Krishnaraja Wodeyar III (1799-1868), it even once faced the phase of probable extinction.

Finding Out What Steps to Follow to Improve Your Drawing

To make better any of your drawings, you will need to realize and evaluate this drawing first. It can be unbelievably challenging to be impartial about your own drawing as it is often difficult to see the faults in a drawing you have been looking at for hours. If you had seen the faults earlier, you would have amended them!

Share Your Artwork!

Art has always been an important part of our lives and it will probably always be, because of the benefits it brings. Finding out that your child has an artistic inclination is great, but helping him/ her develop it and share it is most important. Using special web sites to upload children’s art and facilitate student art sharing broadens your child’s horizon and helps him or her grow into a great person.

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