How to build an Outdoor Craft Booth Display | Art Show Craft Fair

How to build an Outdoor Craft Booth Display | Art Show Craft Fair

Collecting Majolica Pottery

Collecting Majolica can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it is important to be well informed before purchasing any majolica piece. Learn tips to get you started like deciding what types pieces to collect and where to find majolica. Also, get the most value out of you collection by knowing common condition issues to look for before you buy.

People Drawing Challenges and How to Overcome Those

If you love to draw people you already know the most difficult part is drawing hands because these parts of human body are small but contain lots of details. And as we are highly used to see real human hands in our day-to-day life any discrepancy or mistake becomes easily apparent.

Sourcing Affordable Art Online Without Losing Your Cool

If you really want to add impact to any room in your home, art is definitely the way to go. In the past, the term “affordable art” seemed downright foreign to most art collectors, considering the high prices that most artwork fetched at marketplaces.

Gauguin Prints

Gauguin prints offer an excellent example of French art at it’s innovative best covering unique art styles and combining different cultures that had not be done previously at that time. This article covers the best Gauguin prints available to buy online and gives good detail on the famous artist himself.

Why “Giclee?”

Would you like to add beautiful or interesting artwork to your home? Something you and your friends would all enjoy. Well, Giclee (zhee-clay) is a more recently conceived word that is increasingly used in the art world as a way to distinguish Giclee prints and paintings from other styles of reproducing original art.

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