How to: Automatic Background Remover & the Restore Tool

How to: Automatic Background Remover & the Restore Tool

Art Publishing – How to Make Money in the Art Business

The idea of the starving artist is outdated. There is simply no reason an artist should starve. If you are talented, ambitious, have a small ego and some knowledge of the internet the world is open and ready to welcome you to the art publishing business.

Jackson Pollock’s Black Paintings

A look at Jackson Pollock’s black paintings sometimes referred to as black and white. Some of the works discussed include such as Number 28, Number 31, and Number 1.

Mosaic Art

Mosaic is a unique artform that has very ancient roots, but is as alive today as it was at the heyday of the Roman empire. Today, modern materials and contemporary themes are matched with ancient techniques to produce works of enduring quality.

Learn to Draw Fantastic Caricatures Using a Computer Drawing Tablet

If you are already a skilled artist or would love to learn how to draw and make people laugh at the same time, whilst possibly earning good money, then this article is just perfect for you. Just imagine if you were a skilled caricature artist whose work was always in demand.

Metal Art – Get Creative With Metal

The allure of creating something beautiful out of something discarded attracts many amateur and professional artisans to the craft of metal art. Windmills made from tin cans, artificial bonsai trees made from steel wire, and even angels made out of old car engine parts are just a few of the artistic possibilities. Many hobbyists would refer to this sort of art as scrap metal art, junk art, or even recycling art.

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