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How To Sketch For Fun and Profit

Turn a passion and a past time into a profession by learning How to Sketch for Fun and Profit. After all, the more moola you make the more enjoyment you can get out of life; and being filthy rich sounds like a heck of a good time to us! The only problem is, some forms of employment just don’t equate a barrel of monkeys in terms of their good ol’ recreational quotient. As important as morticians, dog catchers and trash collectors are to society, for example, we wonder just how many whoops and giggles they experience during a typical work day.

The Versatile Floor Easel

What do you think of when you think of a floor easel? Most people think of the artist’s easel, even though they see easels everywhere, every day. The reason why they don’t notice them is because they are so effective at doing their job: you notice what is being displayed and not the stand it is being displayed on.

Graphic Design Information

Graphic design is a skill which not all off us have. Many people have the talent for graphic design as they are able to get the main elements right, to ensure the graphic are effective and fulfill their purpose.

A Guide to Studio Easels

Studio easels are the artist’s most important accessory. In order to do his work efficiently and comfortably, an artist needs an easel that he can adjust to the best working height for him, at an angle that gives him the best working perspective. It must be able to hold canvasses of various sizes be sturdy enough for him to be able to work without restriction.

Recognize an Authentic Galle Cameo Vase

The valuable pieces of artwork belonging to Art Nouveau artist Emile Galle such as vases and lamps in cameo glass technique are sought-after greatly for over a century now. The very fine French glass, its elaborate technique, its wonderfully harmonic colors and especially the crafting of cameo relief shapes make every vase or lamp of Galle signature a unique piece of great value.

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