How to apply vinyl to a Tie dyed shirt - Make your own Spirit Jersey - Puff Vinyl - Cricut

How to apply vinyl to a Tie dyed shirt – Make your own Spirit Jersey – Puff Vinyl – Cricut

Perspective and Believable 3D Objects

Part of being a great artist is to understand painting perspective. This will aid you in creating believable 3-D objects. Here are some tips for helping you understand the composition of realistic looking objects.

Setting Up A Still Life

If you want to be successful at painting a still-life then you need to pay some serious attention to how you set it up first. You need to pay attention to the composition, mood and lighting of the objects that you want to paint.

Learn How to Draw Objects in Perspective

If you want to learn how to draw objects in perspective you can take advantage of all of the programs that teach you exactly how to do this online. Some of the “learn how to draw perspective” programs are downloads and others take you right to a site that teaches you how to do it using step by step illustrations online. Still nothing is more impressive than an artist that, without the aid of a computer software program about drawing perspective, can draw landscapes, buildings and people so that they look real.

Learn How Artists Develop the Composition of Their Paintings

Thumbnail sketches are quick drawing that is done in a rapid way that is known as gestural drawing. These are tiny drawings that the large work will be based on later. These drawings are also usually very small – maybe an inch or two in width and breadth.

Sketching – The Foundation of Art

Sketching is the most basic part of drawing and painting. Every great artist has begun exploring the art world by learning how to sketch. In order for a person to create a very complicated painting, he or she must learn about proportions, lighting, shadows, textures, and styles.

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