How to apply HTV to canvas - Make a lighted canvas - fairy lights - Cricut

How to apply HTV to canvas – Make a lighted canvas – fairy lights – Cricut

Beach Shades As Art? You Betcha!

The last place most people would consider looking for artistic as well as functional satisfaction is with umbrellas used as beach or pool shade. Quite simply, having protection from the sun in an artistic manner just doesn’t seem to have a smooth juxtaposition. But new levels of art have been applied to sun blocking structures and have been termed “shade sculpture”.

How to Draw a Cartoon Car – 5 Useful Tips

Drawing a nice cartoon car can be just as simple as drawing a couple of line with two wheels and a couple of windows. However, to draw a nice cartoon car, you would need an imaginative and playful mind and definitely a good dash of humor.

How To Emphasize Your Purpose

From road signs in city streets and city outskirts to building facade, logo designs enhance the transfer of message or information. Whether for directional or advertisement purposes, the power of graphic designs cannot be denied, especially that these designs make-up a product, a business corporation or an information drive.

How Works of Art Become Famous

Have you ever wondered why certain works of art are so famous? For instance, why does the Mona Lisa enjoy celebrity status? There have been scores of other well-painted portraits throughout history so why the Mona Lisa?

Kid’s Art on Canvas

What do you do with your children’s creative drawings, scribbles, painting and sketches? Do you put it up on the refrigerator with a magnet? Do you tack it up on the office wall? There’s a better way to treat the beautiful works of art your children make! Having them scanned and printed on canvas can really show the respect and admiration you have for your child’s artwork.

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