How to Apply Cricut Mosaic Iron-On Material

How to Apply Cricut Mosaic Iron-On Material

Masterworks – The Cognac of Fine Art

I once heard the expression that, all cognac is brandy, but not all brandy is cognac. Although I have never acquired a taste for either, I do know the difference lies in the final distillation and region that distinguishes the two. Since I have acquired a taste for collecting masterworks and fine art, I do believe, the same holds true for them: not all fine art is masterworks, but all masterworks are fine art.

Idea Tips!

You’re a designer. At times, things just doesn’t seem to work out for you. You’re unable to do your work due to a lack of inspiration. How are you able to motivate or inspire yourself when caught in such a situation? This is the right article for you to read!

How to Sell Art Online in Today’s Economy

If you are an artist or a dealer who is looking for the next big break in selling your art, why not sell art online? With the prices of gas and the expenses such as rent and utilities growing by the day it is more and more cost-effective to move your efforts to selling art online versus maintaining a presence in a traditional gallery setting. One of the benefits of taking your promotion efforts to the internet is SEO, or search engine optimization, which is something you can use to make your art appear higher up in search engine…

Large Format Printing – An Effective Advertising Size For Getting Your Message Across

Are you attending a convention soon? Do you have products that need promoting? Make your ads stand out by employing a company that does trade show graphics. This article talks about the benefits of this kind of advertising material.

Five New Pop Art Styles

The world of pop art is adaptive, constantly imbibing new styles of contemporary arts into its fold. The list of the kinds in this form of art is exhaustive, and constantly growing to match the creative global talent our artists share. And so, in this article, we will limit our purview to five recent styles. And for the sake of relevance and easy categorization, we will talk of only those pop art styles that can be personalized with your digital photographs.

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