How Cricut Helps My Business | Reintroduction & Favourite Makes

How Cricut Helps My Business | Reintroduction & Favourite Makes

Virtues of Recycled Metal Art

This article covers recycled metal art. The implications to helping the environment may be more significant than you may realize. Here I give a few examples of the wonderful things done with scrap metals in the name of art. Use this information to inspire and think. You may find your own way to express yourself.

Paying the Price – The Cost of Artwork

Let’s be blunt here. Art, original art, can be expensive. I mean why would a painting like Jackson Pollock’s No. 5, which David Geffen let go in 2006 for $151.2 million at Sotheby’s, be so pricey?

Buying Modern Art – How to Get the Best Price

Buying modern art (or indeed any type of art) requires some careful consideration beforehand. Are you buying for yourself or, are you purchasing on behalf of somebody else, or is this to be a gift of art? Will you or the recipient always like the piece? Is the work an original or a copy?

Sources of Inspiration for a Metal Artist

This is an article I wrote to give readers a glimpse of what inspires me. It is by no means complete but it is enough to influence those of the right frame of mind to go and seek there own sources of inspiration.

Choosing the Best Airbrush Compressor

Airbrushing is rising in popularity with people from all distinct ages. Using an airbrush compressor is an ideal tool to use if you need to do any small detailed painting job.

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