The Psychology of a Good Design

A design either looks right, or it doesn’t. Whether it is a sign, a brochure, or the side of a truck. It is not very common to find someone who can describe accurately why one design looks good and another doesn’t.

Bring a Touch of Class and Style by Hanging Exquisite Wall Paintings in Your Home

More and more individuals are seeing the beauty of having famous art reproductions as the wall paintings of their houses. Through this, they are allowed to own famous artist’s masterpieces like the Mona Lisa of Leonardo Da Vinci and The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali and hang them right in their own homes.

How to Draw Fantasy Sketches

Drawing fantasy sketches is a good way of letting your imagination flow. The great thing about fantasy drawing is that there are no limitations. You can freely imagine a world of fantasy creatures and the role they play in it. This article provides tips and guidance.

Things To Know About Monotype Printmaking

Monotype prints are made by painting on non-porous surfaces like glass, plexiglass or copper. Monotype prints, once produced, have to be transferred to a different surface right away and could, in most cases, just be made use of to be able to make a single print.

Some Celebrated Printmakers

Printmakers use color to their prints in many different options. Often color in printmaking that involves etching, screen printing, woodcut, or linocut will be applied by using separate plates, blocks or screens or by using a reductionist approach. In multiple plate color techniques, a bunch of plates, screens or chunks will be created, each giving a unique color.

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