Earn Extra Money In Summer Mixed Media Art Classes

If you are entertaining the thought of teaching small mixed media art classes to make extra cash? Are you worried that you can’t find students? Is it necessary to think of an art material for your students?

Kandinsky’s Circles

Kandinsky circles is a popular topic with art buyers around the world and refers directly to a painting by Russian abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky called Farbstudie Quadrate. This well known art work is often called “Concentric Circles” or “Several Circles” as well, but the three are in fact the same thing. The artist was interested in the theory side of art and constantly experimented with alternate combinations of colour and shape within his abstract paintings having originally started off as a far more traditional artist who was then known for landscape and portrait paintings.

Art As a Tool in Our Daily Lives – The Discussion Continues

Through the creative thinking process of art, new solutions for past problems often reveal themselves. Inventions are created, and new uses for existing safe products and gadgets are found. A person needs the experience in their lives of working with their hands to create an art project. There is a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. Apathy is not evident in the hands on process of art.

Do You Have Some Murano Glass In Need Of Fine Glass Repair?

For many collectors of art glass, Muranao glass pieces are the most prized. Not only are Murano glass pieces available in a wide variety of styles, but some pieces date back to the Ninth Century. Due to the age of these antique glass pieces, as well as their intricate detailing and inherent quality, they are highly collectible.

Why Art Will Give You a Much Better Return Than the Stock Market

You can’t refute that the stock market holds the chance for earning big money. However it is risky business, especially in times of such economical concern. But thankfully, there are numerous safer techniques to invest your money, with the art world offering up a secure investment as well as the possibility of massive earnings.

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