Holiday Crafting with Zooey Deschanel and Cricut

Holiday Crafting with Zooey Deschanel and Cricut

College Creative Studies – Is College the Best Way to Learn a Creative Profession?

Where and how to study your creative profession is definitely one of the most crucial career decisions you’ll ever make. And yet you’re forced to make that crucial decision completely blindfolded, not knowing anything yet about the workings of your industry. Sadly, most students are going to take a seriously wrong turn before they even started their engines. This article explores the 3 main studying options creatives can choose from, specifies pros and cons for each one, and concludes with a detailed outline of the cheapest, fastest, most flexible way of becoming a creative pro.

How to Hem Vinyl Banners

Question: How do you hem a printed vinyl banner if you don’t have a sewing machine to stitch the edges? Answer: This is a good question, as many shops don’t have an industrial sewing machine to hem banners. However, glue is not the only way to hem banners, although it does not require machinery to hem your PVC banners with glue.

Six Things We Need To Know About Screen Printing History

There’s no doubt that when you think of ways in which you can promote your businesses or print posters for your next event you will definitely talk about screen printing. You can use this option for the making of flyers and posters. You will also use it for T-shirt creation, which is a genre in itself.

How to Remove a Wrinkle From a Vinyl Banner

“I have a PVC vinyl banner that one of my employees folded,” says Ron. “Is there any way to remove wrinkles from it?” The answer to this is usually yes. It will depend somewhat on the weight and quality of the vinyl banner material as well, as to how wrinkles may be removed.

What Is an Effective PowerPoint Presentation?

A million dollar question is what is effective PowerPoint and what does to take an effective PowerPoint Presentation. We should take only four step to create and design an effective PowerPoint Presentation like take content brief and to the point. In next step try to make complete involvement of audience, by visually attractive data.

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