6 Tips on How to Be a Better Artist

It’s not easy being an artist. It takes hard work, discipline, and passion. There is no shortcut to artistic success. No matter what kind of art you do whether it’s watercolor, oils, pen and ink, cartooning, pastels, improving your drawing skills is the key to success.

What Colours Mean

Choosing the right colours for your business design or logo can be a very important process. The colours that you select are not simply there to make things look attractive. They carry deeper meanings that can affect consumer behaviour. It is always best to know what colours signify and mean before using them. Here are some of the popular meanings that colours can have.

The Language Of Colour

Colour is an important part of any brand image. It can help increase loyalty, attract consumers and even convince them to buy specific products. A lot of experts talk about choosing the right colours, but is there a right way to do it? Aside from just knowing what different colours mean there are other factors that are involved in picking the best colour. You must also consider colour relationships and contrast. A basic lesson on the language of colour can help with this.

After Effects CS5 – Roto Brush

One of the additions to After Effects CS5 is their Roto Brush tool. This tool can be considered their short cut quick take for the tedious process of rotoscoping. How often we want to extract something or someone from our video, mix up the images from different videos. The Roto Brush tool offers a quick method with very impressive results for achieving this end!

After Effects CS5 – Keyframe Assistant Sequence Layers

After Effects is loaded with assistants and keying is at the heart of motion graphics and animation. A favorite assistant is available under the animation menu, ‘keyframe assistant’. There are several options here but one that practically creates an animation for you with only a few steps is the ‘sequence layers’ option. This assistant does pretty much what is sounds like, it creates keys and transition for the layers you select. Whether a slide show or part of a presentation with a few timed sequences, this a tool you will want to keep nearby.

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