Heat Embossing with Cricut + Water Coloring

Heat Embossing with Cricut + Water Coloring

Get to Know American Indian Artist Elizabeth Manygoats

The third American Indian artist in our “Get to Know” American Indian artist series is Elizabeth Manygoats. Elizabeth Manygoats is a skilled Navajo folk potter from a remote region of the Navajo reservation. She’s known for depicting pottery with scenes of everyday Navajo life.

Create Your Own MySpace Layout For Free

If you are planning to create your own MySpace layout, you may do so using 3 alternatives. You can rely on the free layout and template that is available when you first accessed you MySpace page although most of these layouts and templates are bland and have less features. You can also opt to buy premium layouts and themes for your social site profile.

Determining the Focal Point in the 3D World

Depending on your scene, you will probably focus on one or more subjects, especially during the course of an animation. This is when you will start to use the Focus module’s Focal Node option. Before using Focal Node, however, you must select a focal point.

General Focal Effects in the 3D World

Two settings provide a nice, general scene blur when using Focus: Scene Blur and Radial Blur. Both blur the scene but in very different ways. Although these two methods of blur are used much less frequently than the Focal Node option (more on that coming up), they can be used for a number of situations. Scene Blur applies a general blur to the entire rendered image unless it is used with a mask.

Geometry Options of Importing AutoCAD to Max

The Geometry Options include: *Weld: Globally welds adjacent vertices of AutoCAD objects into a single your 3D Application vertex based on the Weld Threshold distance. This works only when objects are imported with the Convert to Single Objects option mentioned above.

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