Green with Envey Cricut Mystery Box

Green with Envey Cricut Mystery Box

Understanding Abstract Art – Part II

In this second article of the series of three on abstract art, I explain how the view can clear his or her conscious mind to allow the feeling of the Painting to enter the unconscious mind. I use one of my paintings to illustrate the context of the painting and it’s influence on the subject matter. I also discuss the importance of the principles and elements of art in the creation of a painting.

Understanding Abstract Paintings – Part I

This is the first of three articles aimed at helping the art viewer or buyer to understand how to view and evaluate abstract art. This first article talks about the types of art and how abstract paintings differ from representational paintings.

Learning Graphic Design – The Errors of Novice Designers

There are many classic errors most graphic designers make early in their design careers. Below are some of the common design mistakes which should be avoided.

Painting and Decorating Pottery

Pottery has always caught the interest of people all around the world. If you are artistic and creative there is nothing more interesting than learning how to decorate or paint pottery in order to create something beautiful. There are plenty of techniques in preparing, throwing, molding and decorating pottery, and once you learn to master the basics your imagination and natural flair will guide you.

Alberto Giacometti – The Life & Works of a Surrealist

Alberto Giacometti is one of the well known artists throughout history. Armed with his signature bizarre look at reality, his art pieces have been able to cost 10 million dollars each.

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