Great Lengths Hair Tapes Extensions | Transformation Vlog

Great Lengths Hair Tapes Extensions | Transformation Vlog

Clip Art – Vector Based Imaging

Clip art is offered in multiple file formats that can be divided and further explained by using two categories: Bitmap and Vector. The purpose of this article is to help provide insight into vector based clip art images.

How to Choose Wall Art for Your Bedroom

The design and colors of your bedroom can influence your mood and sleep patterns. If you are not satisfied with your bedroom decor, consider using wall art as an alternative to costly redecorating or renovation. Comfort and tranquility are synonymous when it comes to designing a bedroom, but this does not mean you need to forgo an aesthetically pleasing room. Although bright, bold colors are not conducive to sleep; with wall art, you can incorporate a few pieces without consuming the room, while still expressing your personal style.

How to Start Selling Art

Selling art can be difficult when you are just starting out, and that applies to both selling art online, and selling art offline. There are many theories, methods and processes that can help you to sell your artwork, and each will work differently depending on how you work, which areas you are comfortable working in, and how determined you are to make sales.

Coachlining and Pin Striping

Fine coachlining used to adorn almost all vehicles from when they were horse drawn up to mechanised transport in the 1980s when haulage lorries were still highly decorated and striped. Unfortunately, this type of work is rarely seen these days in the UK, although in America lining or pin striping as they call it is still very popular. So much so that pin striping is a class of work on its own, where stripers pull lines almost exclusively and don’t do much or any lettering. Only practice will result in proficient coachlining/pin striping, it is essential that all stripes are absolutely straight. Nothing looks worse than a line which is neither straight or even in thickness. Speed from a practised hand is the only way to do fine lining.

Interpretation of Hand Carved Stone Designs: Kokopelli

I always tell the purchasers of my hand carved stone to interpret the design for themselves. I know when I am carving each piece the stone and design speak to me in new and different ways, even if it is a design I have carved many times. Somehow the stone and design come together to give me a unique carving experience as well as a one of a kind wall hanging once the art work is complete.

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