Golf cart ride to Lake Sumter The Villages

Golf cart ride to Lake Sumter The Villages

5 Tips For Keeping Your Personalised Canvas Print In Excellent Condition

Canvas prints have become the most popular type of personalised wall decoration in recent years. Whether it is holiday memory, a wedding print or a loved family member, your personalised canvas print is something that you will cherish forever. Here are 5 tips to keep your print in excellent condition.

Four Essential Points To Keep In Mind For Calendar Design

Calendars are something that we look at everyday while beginning with our routine for the day and make plans. But have you ever wondered the kind of efforts people put into creating calendars?

Art Galleries – Going Virtual – Hopes and Fears

An online art gallery can be just as good as its off-line alternatives, especially in this day and age of technological advancements. To begin with, the online art gallery is sure to have a larger collection of items when compared to its brick and mortar counterparts. This gives the prospective client the capacity to look into previous exhibitions that may have been held at their favorite art gallery.

Chaim Soutine: Expressionism From Poverty and Pain

Chaim Soutine, born in 1893, was destined to become an artist. However, as a child growing up in a small Jewish settlement in Russia and the tenth of eleven children in a dirt poor family, this was not obvious. In fact, at first he was beaten by his own older brothers because at this time a “true” Jew was forbidden to draw.

The Gift You Can Be Proud Of

Birthdays are a time for celebration; to remember that we are here to love and be loved. For this reason, it is people’s responsibilities to give something meaningful. This perfect present is called a birthday card. I am not talking about going to the store and buying a $3 pretty piece of paper that you’re most likely going to throw in the garbage after reading it, I am talking about a handmade piece of artwork created especially by you, for the person you love.

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