Golf cart ride in The Villages

Golf cart ride in The Villages

Shininess and Shininess Strength in the 3D Fields

Both the Shininess and Shin. Strength fields in the Standard material work together to produce the specular highlight on the surface of a object using the material. Shininess controls the broadness of the highlight, while Shin.Strength controls the highlight’s intensity. The Shininess Bell Curve display is an excellent tool for determining the size and intensity of the highlight itself.

Ambient, Diffuse, Specular Colors in 3D Programs

Among the check boxes in the upper-right side of Basic Parameters is a new option called Super Sample. If ever had the misfortune of using high contrast Bump maps that have radical gray scale changes within a few pixels, Super Sample will help you immensely.

Light Rays and Illumination in 3D Modeling

For you to see anything, whether it be in real life or on the computer, you need light. Light travels through rays, infinitely small trajectories from the source. Rays travel in a constant direction until they encounter another atmospheric condition or a surface. In real life, rays not only alter their trajectory when encountering another atmospheric condition, but they also might change their grouping.

Ray Tracer Controls – Reflection and Refraction Concepts

The Ray tracer Controls section is designed to give you access to almost all the functionality of the Ray trace Map type. The main feature that’s missing is attenuation control. You have falloff capabilities but not explicit controls like you do in the Ray trace map. If you need that level of control, you will need to use the map for reflections or refractions. A more in-depth look at some of the parameters of the Ray tracer Controls section is covered later.

Introduction to Digital Art

Introduction to the techniques and basic software usage industry professionals use when created digital media. You will learn what software to use, how to set it up, and the tools the software has.

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