Glowforge Pro 1 Year Review

Glowforge Pro 1 Year Review

Free Photoshop Tutorials

To be able to operate Photoshop you do not need to take special classes. If you have much money, you can just take a design course that teaches using Photoshop. It would be easier for you because your teacher will teach you with detailed steps.

Giclee on Canvas – Recreating Art

Giclee on canvas was first created in the late 1980s using Iris Graphics continuous ink jet printers. The word ‘Giclee’ was derived from the French word “le gicleur” meaning “nozzle”. Iris Graphic printers were later replaced by newer ink jets and printing substrates as Iris tended to show color degradation after a few days.

Art Licensing Agencies – List of Over 60 US Agencies

Just like there are many kinds of manufacturers, there are many kinds of agencies. Some only license art and some sell as prints or on products besides their artists work. Some represent artists whose work fits only a niche market such as lodge, western, and country. Others specialize in representing artists whose work is suitable for home decor, or patterns for fabric, clothing, stationery, and scrapbooking.

Wall Art Protection Do’s and Dont’s

A painting, like a living being, is in constant interaction with its environment. Depending on the materials used to create it, it might react differently to various environmental factors. It is important to understand this interaction as it can help you preserve your masterpiece for years to come. Please consider using the following recommendations.

Make Money Selling Art

Are you interested in learning how to make money selling your art? Have you been creating art for years and want to make a profit off of your hobby or get your art career up and running? Don’t know where to start or are the techniques that you are using now are just not working?

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