Glow in the dark sublimation – How to sublimate on HTV – Siser specialty vinyl offset with Cricut

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Moonlight in the 3D World

Fortunately, moonlight is not all that different from sunlight in its properties. The main difference is the color and intensity of the light itself. You still get much of the same reflection of moonlight on surfaces like you do with sunlight, especially when the moon is very bright.

Natural Lighting in the 3D World

Natural lighting is something we encounter every day. Although as animators, seeing daylight may be infrequent! Light coming through the windows, skylights, and direct sunlight are just a sampling of effects that can be duplicated in your 3D application.

The Many Joys of Art

Art has many faces. It can frighten people or make them very sad, it brings joy and respect.

How to Create Your Own Airbrush Art Stencils

There are two types of doing airbrush art. One way is that you can use stencils or masks to airbrush your artwork on to your job. The other way is that you are able to freehand the plan onto your task without the application of stencils or masks.

Breweriana at Art Auctions

My sweetheart’s father is very interested in beer art. Breweriana is the special name for beer related artifacts. I’ve been watching for special pieces to include to his collection at art auctions I’ve been attending.

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