Glass Etching on Cookie Jars with a Cricut Stencil!

Glass Etching on Cookie Jars with a Cricut Stencil!

How to Make Custom Blythe Doll Boxes

How to make a custom box for your Blythe doll. And some simple techniques to use.

Large Format Printing – The CMYK Black Problem

I recently printed a large PVC banner for a customer. The design and branding consisted of a flat black background, which didn’t print correctly because of a conflict between how different colour models, such as CMYK, RGB and HSV are interpreted.

Inspired By Christmas

Inspired by the holidays to create something from the heart? Don’t know where to start? Look around for inspiration this year, such as Starbucks and other companies who have a Christmas campaign. They tend to be good ideas for Christmas cards!

Tips For Displaying Canvas Art

Putting up canvas art in your home or office can be a challenge. Here are some ways to make the artwork really stand out on the wall where you put it.

How Atlanta Got So High on Art: The Birthing of an Industrious Art Culture

Sometimes to move forward requires that we look backward. Atlanta’s art history is vibrant and adolescent. Who knew a city could make such progress at the hands of a few able-bodied enterprising art organizers? Why is our art culture the way it is? Come look what I found in Carlyn Gay Crannell’s published work, In Pursuit of Culture: A History of Art Activity in Atlanta,. 1847-1926, on Atlanta’s earliest art accomplishments.

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