Gift Card Holder Gift Bag Card with Cricut

Gift Card Holder Gift Bag Card with Cricut

Real-Time Modeling Techniques in the 3D World

The best way to ensure that your model has appropriate detail where it is needed and the lowest-possible polygon count is to create the model with a low polygon count to begin with, and then to add detail and subtract faces only where necessary. The Sub-Object editing tools of the Editable mesh become your best friends when you finalize a real-time model. For object creation, however, the best options fall into the following two categories.

Nourish the Soul Through the Creative Process

We all know the pleasure of getting lost in a good book or movie, but have you ever considered how much pleasure there can be in finding an inspirational pattern and deciding to engage yourself in some sort of creative process? Are you that person that walks by a package of magnificent rainbow colored felt pens or crayons and a little voice says: ‘hmmm…those look like fun!’

The Transformations in the 3D World

The transform is a numerical matrix that describes the orientation, position, and often the scale of an object in 3D space. This number is applied to every vertex in the object and therefore acts as the object’s center. In practice, imagine that every object you create is written as though it were centered at the global origin (0,0,0).

Sydney’s Aboriginal Art and Culture

The rock paintings and engravings of Sydney reflect the artistic inclinations of the Aboriginal population before the Europeans came to settle in this historical city. Rock engravings and paintings show the close relation the Aborigines had with the sea. The engravings and paintings were mostly about creatures related to the sea such as whales and sharks and other fish. Gwion Gwion is a form of rock painting seen in caves, which is believed to belong to a culture that existed long before the Aboriginal culture as it is known today.

Return of the Prodigal Son – Rembrandt

The return of the prodigal son is a famous Rembrandt oil painting which was joined by The Prodigal Son in the Tavern later in his career. It is one of Rembrandt’s most famous renaissance paintings. Rembrandt is an historic Dutch artist who is famous for his religious paintings and common use of christian subjects in his art.

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