Giant Lemonade and Firefly Mason Jar Door Hanger Painting

Giant Lemonade and Firefly Mason Jar Door Hanger Painting

Advanced 3D Modeling Techniques

Well, all right, perhaps these are not really “advanced” as much as they are just different. However, although these tools are probably less used than the basic ones, they are just as powerful when used in the right situation.

3D is Really Hot These Days

3D is hot. It is hard to find any form of entertainment today without some form of digital art incorporated. The number of professional 3D production and digital art teaching jobs is staggering. The technology moves so fast that without one eye fixed on the emerging trends, a 3D artist quickly finds his equipment obsolete

Modeling a Temple With 3D Primitives

Let’s truly explore the power of primitives by modeling an entire temple using primitive functions. To begin, let’s create a column that will be used to create the rest of the temple.

Extrusions Along a 3D Path

The simplest extrusions are extruded along a straight path. The path the extrusion takes is not limited to straight lines. The path could consist of a flower shape extruded along some twisted paths that give a very complex and interesting look and shape.

3D Point Or Vertex-Level Deformation

When I teach 3D classes and show how point-level deformations work, the class enthusiastically responds with a chorus of ooohhs and aaahhs. That is until they actually try to use it; then the ooohhs and aaahhs turn into wails of frustration. Point or vertex-level deformation is theoretically one of the most powerful tools in many 3D applications.

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