Getting Started With The Cricut Explore 3 | Unboxing, Set Up & Beginner Tutorial

Getting Started With The Cricut Explore 3 | Unboxing, Set Up & Beginner Tutorial

Cinema 4D – Likes Lights, Lights Like Particles

Adding particle streams to Cinema4D is quite easy. Click the ’emitter object thumbnail’ menu and choose an emitter type.

An Easy Lesson About How to Make Pastels

It can be rather annoying when you get to the end of a favorite color pastel stick and be too far away from an art supply store to be able to just pop out and get another one. If you know how to make pastels it comes in very handy.

How to Teach Art Effectively

Teaching art can be a challenging endeavor, especially when many feel that art cannot be taught because it is a talent. Art can be taught and taught effectively, and this is how to do it.

Affordable Art With Giclee Artist Prints

We are all feeling the crunch in this economy. For many, purchasing original art is a luxury they cannot afford right now. But art is a necessity for feeding our spirits, and inspiring our creativity. Art brings beauty into our homes, lives and souls. A work of art is never a finality, but always the promise of more to come.

Canvas Prints – A Treasured Gift

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s especially true with photographs. We rely on photographs to capture and preserve the best memories of our lives, and for the ability to share those special times with friends and loved ones. But in the age of digital photography, it’s far too easy to lose those special photos in a computer crash, a camera malfunction, or even an accidental push of the delete button.

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