Gaiter Face Mask - Soft and Stretchy - Easy 15-Minute Pattern

Gaiter Face Mask – Soft and Stretchy – Easy 15-Minute Pattern

What Is Image Masking?

What is the art of image masking? Image masking, as the name suggests, is the art of separating a certain part from an image where the edges cannot be clearly defined, such as isolating a girl with curly hair from a photo. If you are familiar with a good image-editing app and you have got it installed on your personal computer, you can do the image masking on your own with ease. In this post, you will get to know about this technique and its benefits in details.

The Art of Photo Retouching: A Brief Introduction

Digital cameras of today have lots of features and they let you take high quality photos. No matter which camera you choose to take photos with, you may need to retouch each photo to get rid of any flaws later on. What is photo retouching? What kind of benefits does it offer? Let us know more.

Four Ways to Make Your Infographic Amazing

These days infographics are everywhere. And if you’re not using them you’re missing out on the publicity they generate through social media traffic, news and blogging sites. Here are four ways to make sure the infographic you’re creating is amazing.

9 Key Elements of an Effective Logo Design

A logo is not simply a symbol. An effective logo design increases the credibility, visibility and remembrance of an individual, company or organization. This article gives you the nine basic characteristics of logo design that can make it as effective as possible.

Digital Makeup And Photo Retouching Help

You may have seen photos of beautiful Hollywood actresses on the covers of popular magazines. Their faces look flawless in the pictures. In fact, they appear more beautiful in the pictures than they actually are. You might be wondering how come they look so beautiful. Actually, the credit goes to the digital makeup. Digital makeup is applied by artists on the photos of celebrities using special apps installed on a computer. If you have some pictures of yours and you want to edit them to apply digital makeup, you can do so provided you are familiar with Adobe Photoshop and other photo editing tools.

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